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The decision to work with Asheville Recording was the best decision we could have made. When we set out to record our first CD we were looking for the right setting and for a comfort zone. You made the recording process so much more enjoyable than we could have ever expected. We had very tight time restraints due to our personal schedules, and you helped us not only complete the recording in time, but we ended up with a product that far-surpassed our expectations. This has been most evident by the response we have received from club owners and other professionals in the music business who absolutely cannot believe that we recorded this full length CD in such a short time. You were also instrumental in helping us do the right things in the studio, as well as out of the studio before and after recording.

The setting was absolutely gorgeous and calming, the hospitality was outstanding, and ultimately the recording caught what we are all about as a band. We cannot imagine having recorded any where else. Thank you Dave Allen and Asheville Recording !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK !!!!

Dave, Philip, Gene, Anthony
Critical Mass

Hello Dave and all at Asheville Recording Studio. I hope you guys are doing well. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all of your hard work on our latest recording adventure. I was very impressed with the high end quality recording equipment and outboard gear, and the great sound. And the location - the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. - was very conducive to the recording process. Our band, Blackeyed Susan, is a group of four middle aged guys who enjoy getting together to write and play music. We had been talking for a while about recording when I was surfing the net and came across your web site.

We liked the location of the studio as well as the 3-day price for project work. Jonathan and I have been playing and writing music together for close to twenty years, and we have recorded sessions in several area studios. Our experience at ARS has been the most positive and productive experience we have had to date. We appreciated your laid back approach to recording. We were able to take our time and move at a comfortable pace, which was great for our confidence and creativity. With the exception of vocal tracks, everything was recorded live which was a first for me. The spontaneity translated to the recording nicely, as well as boosting our momentum for the rest of the weekend.

The most enjoyable part of the weekend for me was mixing the recording. You walked us through the process step by step and explained everything in detail. I learned more about EQ and frequency response in one day than I had learned in twenty years of playing. I was blown away with your knowledge and ability to communicate highly technical matters simply and concisely. What I learned during mix-down was worth the price of the entire recording. We left the studio anticipating our next trip to see you. When our schedule permits, we will definitely be back. We also had a great time hanging out with you guys after the sessions.

Thanks again,
Neal Cannon
Blackeyed Susan

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